An Open Letter to 2012

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I am a little late on the whole ‘Happy New Year’ shit, but it’s better late than never.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR, or whatever.

Dear 2012,

I’m over you.

You were the worst year of my life, and I never want to see your ugly face again.

Except for when I married my favorite person in the world, Eric. That was awesome.

Love you, baby.

But the rest of you, 2012, was crap, and I never want to think about you again. I lost my dog Tippy, I had a miscarriage, we moved in with my parents (which is actually pretty great, but I’m married, so it’s weird), work was really hard, we had to get rid of our precious puppy, Toby, because he was too aggressive and bit people, and having to grow up this year hurt like a B. You left me tougher than I was before, and I didn’t want to be tougher.

So I’m over you, 2012.

I’m moving on.

I’m with 2013 now, and he is already better to me than you ever were. He is kind, thoughtful, and full of life.

And I don’t ever think of you when I am with him.

Goodbye, 2012.

Don’t call me.

Not yours,

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