Marriage Coma

I did the one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do after marriage.
I gave up.
On everything.
Three months into our marriage, I cut my hair short, I let my natural brunette hair color grow out, I’ve gained weight, I haven’t been to a bar in months, and the highlight of my week is watching Phillip Phillips on American Idol. Before we got married, I told myself that I would never be one of those women that stopped shaving their legs just because they got married, but it happened. It was like a train wreck that I couldn’t stop. Even when Eric and I would force ourselves to go out and act like normal human beings, we just ended up leaving early to get ‘nugs at McDonald’s. I literally felt like I couldn’t hold an adult conversation anymore because I just wanted to show people pictures of my dogs and tell them what funny thing they puked up that morning.
Why do I think people want to know that?
They don’t.
For the first time in my life, I am really struggling with a healthy work, family, personal life balance. I got consumed by everything else, and I stopped taking care of myself. My marriage coma has turned me into a hot mess and it’s honestly the reason I haven’t been posting to MDGC lately. Plus, the only update I had to share about my life was that Toby puked up mulch today.
I don’t know if I just got lazy or I just needed a break from the craziness after the wedding, but it’s time to buck up and get a pedicure.
I mean it’s not like I’m wearing sweatpants and no makeup every day, but seriously…is there anything worse than being your natural hair color?

3 thoughts on “Marriage Coma

  1. hey girl, happens to the best of us! it’s a phase.
    but…while you’re in this phase, i’m always looking for good babysitters. and my kids love nugs!

  2. HA – this is hilarious and you’re not alone. Not part of the newlywed stage that people share with you prior to getting married. Hope you keep posting. I found you randomly and love your blog!

  3. We all go through this Kate. I read your “mom made me post” first which made it seem like you had written something crazy. But everything you wrote is what most people feel but don’t say it out loud. I’ll get a pedi with you if you ever need someone to go with 🙂

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