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Eric and I officially put our house up for sale today. Truth is, I have wanted to move ever since I moved in almost 2 years ago. Not because it isn’t a great home (which it is, so someone please buy it), but because I’m a brat and I get what I want. Eric bought our current house before I met him, so I never really had a choice in the matter and I want a home that we both want and love.

Last time I wanted something that was both of ours…we got Toby.

Toby ate Ridley’s poo yesterday.

But I know this is the right decision for both of us because we want to start our family in a new home together. It seems crazy to be selling our house and looking for a new one because it’s such a big kid thing. Of course, like every other big kid thing I do, I am completely lost and I call my mom every 5 seconds to have her tell me what to do next. Honestly, finding a new house is a lot like work because I have no idea what I am doing, but I know I want big things. Eric and I have been going to several open houses and looking everywhere for “the one,” but I have a pattern in my life with the things I call “the one.” I never recognize it on the first try, but I always do on the second try. With Eric, I definitely didn’t think he was the one on our first date at Dairy Queen, but I did know on our second date. With my wedding dress, I didn’t think it was the one until I tried it on a second time. Now with a new house, I think it will be the same way even though everyone says I will know right away.

Since we have been looking for a new house, I haven’t slept at all. Every time we visit a new one, I lay awake at night thinking about how I want to decorate it, how I want to paint it, what rug I want from Crate and Barrel, etc.  However, I think I will know it’s “the one” when I stop thinking about how I want to paint it and start thinking about our cute J.Crew styled kids running around in it, the dogs playing outside of it, and Eric cooking me enchiladas in it.

Yep, that would definitely be the one.

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