These Big Kid Pants Are Uncomfortable

Totally normal


Sometimes when I am out in public, I feel like I have made great strides in becoming a mature adult, but more often than not…I still feel like such a kid in a crowd of grown ups. I went to Wine Fest last night with my friend, Liz, and everyone around us looked totally put together, they understood the different kinds of wine, and they could hold a normal conversation. Meanwhile, I’m walking around with a stain on my dress, watching my feet swell up like balloons in the humidity, and trying to remember if I wore deodorant. Liz and I had no knowledge of wines so we just grunted the word “white” to the vendors and hoped we got something we liked. Often when I’m feeling like a kid, I tend to add the words “quite” and “exquisite” to a lot of my sentences to seem more mature.

“This wine is quite exquisite.” -Translation: I’d rather be drinking a beer in a koozie.

Liz and I followed my sister everywhere walked around for awhile before we ran into a boy everyone thought was cute in high school, Eddie Wilson. Even though I’m happily married to a handsome man, I still can’t keep my cool around anyone remotely attractive. Especially people from high school. When I saw that my older sister was talking to Eddie, Liz and I walked over to join the conversation. After making kissy faces behind his back and taking a picture of him without his consent, we awkwardly hugged hello (OMG, he remembered me!) and he said he had just moved back to Des Moines. Instead of keeping my calm and saying that it was great he moved back, I replied in a totally bitchy voice, “WHY ARE  YOU HERE?”

Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Why did I say that?!!!!

Luckily, we all laughed about it and I got to go home to my super hot husband and drink a beer in a koozie.

It was quite an exquisite night that ended quite exquisitely.



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