It occurred to me that I should probably explain the title of my blog. The saying “men don’t get cold” came from my father. It’s my favorite story because not only does it describe my father perfectly, but it also explains some of my crazy.

I was a little girl and the whole family was out to dinner at our favorite hot spot, Jesse’s Embers. I always get cold in restaurants, so my father gave me his jacket. I replied to this action by saying, “But Daddy, won’t you get cold without your jacket?” He looked at me with a seriousness that I often saw from my father. The kind of look that warns you to listen closely because you were about to learn a life lesson. In his deepest, most serious voice, all he said was, “Men. Don’t. Get. Cold.”

And that was it. It was official.

No man would ever or could ever live up to my father.

Enter all my issues.

Thanks, Dad.

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