Sure, I Can Handle That.

A year ago, I was living in my parent’s basement. I hadn’t graduated college, I was single, jobless, and wearing stretchy pants. Today, I am engaged, I have a college degree, I’m living in my own house, I have 3 pets, I’m working full time at an awesome company, and I’m wearing skinny jeans.

Wait, wait, give me a chance to explain. I wanted to write this blog because now that my “real world” life is beginning, I have realized that although I am playing all these new roles (wife, career woman, housekeeper, pet mother, community member, etc), I really have no idea how to be any of those. I am still just a baby, wearing big girl pants, with a fat kid mentality.

See, now we’re friends.

This blog is meant to help me record my life, my mistakes, and pretending to know how to handle it all.

I’m sorry you had to read about it.

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