Thanksgiving Eve

It’s the night I dread and look forward to every year.

Thanksgiving Eve at Wellman’s.

Thanksgiving Eve in Des Moines is one of the biggest nights of the year. Everyone I have ever met from high school will be in the same room for one night. The people I never wanted to see again, the people I wish I could see more often, the ex-boyfriends, their new girlfriends, and most importantly, the popular kids. I think it’s true what people say, you never really get over high school. I’m still the chubby girl that was only sort of popular because her parent’s had a great party house, and I still can’t put a sentence together in front of Jimmy Schwartz.

He is so dreamy.

I have mixed feelings about this night because I get really excited to see some of my best friends, but I also know that my favorite thing about high school was that it ended. My girlfriends and I debate every year whether or not we should go, but the deciding factor is always whether or not we have gained weight since last year. I decided to go tonight and I’m sure it will be like every other year. I’ll walk in, look for Morgan to see if we are wearing matching outfits again, pretend I remember everyone’s names, and leave to go eat Taco Johns before any of the drama unfolds.

I’m too old for this shit.

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